Creative Milling Solutions

During milling, asphalt is ground and then recycled for use in future roadway construction applications. Full-depth milling projects require complete asphalt pavement removal.  For partial-depth milling for pavement maintenance, we start each project by analyzing your requirements. Our engineering experts will recommend the appropriate milling solution. Our crews utilize state-of-the-art milling equipment to deliver creative solutions to your milling and resurfacing needs.

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We Provide Milling For:

  • Road and street pavement preparation prior to resurfacing
  • Parking lot pavement preparation prior to resurfacing
  • Full or partial depth patching
  • Perimeter/transitional milling to tie new asphalt to existing pavement

Asphalt Milling Specialties

Curb appeal restoration for roadways and parking areas with numerous overlays
Removal of reconstruction
Rut removal and smooth the wash boarding
Preparation of pavement inlay
Bonding improvement for new pavement
Restore profile and cross section
Match pavement to curb and gutter in a uniform manner
Next day service within Georgia
Round-the-clock service in the Atlanta and metro areas
Asphalt Millings Driveway Sealer

Our team of milling professionals will plan the best routes to access your destination quickly and safely. Our machines can cut close to 15,000 square yards a day at 75 feet per minute and handle a variety of engineer mix designs.  We strive to keep your costs as low as possible, and we can help you manage the entire process with precision.

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